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(Founded 1921. Formerly known as Faculty Women's Club of Rice University)

Board Duties How-to

After election, probably May June:

  • Send out invitations to renew membership, send board contacts
  • Begin recruitment of speakers
  • Update website with new officer’s contacts
  • Update leaders info for interest groups on website
  • Update Book Club list, add last year’s list to the record on blogs


  • Confirm with Presidents House about first meeting
  • Send out invitations to prospective members to join
  • Update directory information based on renewals
  • Publish directory, biannually

Monthly, beginning August till May:

  • Send email with coming month’s schedule of activities
  • Send US mail with coming month’s activities to the members who have elected to receive it


  • Confirm coordinator for Halloween Party
  • Inform dispatch@rice.edu about location and time of children’s Halloween party
  • Create invitation for Children’s Halloween party and send to Kevin Yuen of the Faculty Club. He will submit to alldeps@rice.edu and post at Rice School


  • Confirm arrangements for Holiday Party
  • Create invitation for Holiday Party, submit to Kevin Yuen, and post on campus